American hairless terrier • Amerikai meztelen terrier

About AHT (American hairless terrier)

Breed history


We can date the beginning of this small breed quite exactly. In 1972 the Rat terrier owned by Edwin Scott gave birth of completely hairless puppy. The breeders named this bitch Josephine and as unwanted she remains at Scotts’ and became beloved member of the family. In the following years had Josephine few hairless puppies and became the founder of the new breed. At the beginning these hairless terriers were recorded as hairless variety of Rat terriers but after diligent work was this terrier on January 1st, 2004 recognized as separate „American hairless terrier“ breed. Like it is in the Chinese crested dogs, the breed is classified into hairless and coated variety. Both varieties are recognized and on the shows they are judged separately.


AHT is agile, delightful and very playful dog classified among pleasant small breeds. Because of their curiosity and intelligence they are perfect companion and easy to handle dogs. They love children and get along well with other dogs and even cats. American hairless terriers immensely love human company and they provide all their activity with their owners with enthusiasm. They love Agility!

Body structure

American hairless terriers are well muscled, active, energetic and clever dogs. Preferred ratio of the body length to body height is 10:9. It means body length has to be always longer than body height. AHT are moving with joy revealing speed and strength. Walk of American hairless terrier is balanced, without effort, with big radius of front legs and without clumsiness. While increasing the speed the legs tends to converge to central equilibrium line. Head is wide, moderately arched, wedge-shaped and proportional to body size. The ears have the shape of conversed V, set at the outside edges of the skull and they can be erect, tipped or button. In coated variety the droopy ear position is normal; in hairless variety it is accepted. Non-matching ear carriage is disqualifying. The natural tail is thick at the base and tapers toward the tip. All the positions are allowed, also rolled to the back when the dogs are watching. American hairless terrier reach 25 to 41 cm at the withers with the body weight from 4 to 7 kg.


American hairless terrier is unique among other hairless breeds because of its recessive hairlessness; it means two hairless dogs could produce hairless puppies only. Other hairless breed are holder of dominant hairlessness only, so after mating of two hairless dogs the puppies could be hairless and coated as well. Puppies are born with a bit of soft sparse fuzzy hair all over their body. The pup will shed this fuzz, becoming entirely and eternally hairless by the age of six to eight weeks. Mature American hairless terrier–hairless variety, has no coat except the whiskers and eyebrows. The body of mature dog could be covered by short (1mm max.), very soft fuzz. The skin is warm, soft to plushy when touched.

Big advantage of the breed is no shaving need at all, their hairlessness is completely natural. In coated variety the coat is short, dense, smooth and shiny. All the colors are accepted, only when single-colored, the white color must be present on such individuals (valid for coated variety only). Disqualifying fault is the merle color only. American hairless terrier has complete set of well sized, equally placed white teeth.

What to add

Most of the breeders claim, that having one breed, they will hold it all their lifetime. And truthfully, American hairless terrier is just the dog jewel of my life. I know, in the rest of my life my family will be completed just by American hairless terriers.

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