American hairless terrier • Amerikai meztelen terrier

Puppies of American Hairless Terriers

All my puppies are raised in a loving family and they are extremely socialized and come into contact with people - adults and children also - from their early ages. I try to choose the parents of my puppies always with regard to their behavioral strengths and exterior. I'm trying to promote, enhance and enrich the American Hairless Terrier breed starting from health, exterior and temperament as well.

Our dogs are registered with the FCI organization ( and receive FCI pedigree. You can meet them at exhibitions in Slovakia and Czech Republic, which are arranged under the auspices of the FCI. The first puppies registered under FCI organization were born in the Czech Republic in 2005 in Punto Valentino kennel. From this litter comes Ainy, who was the first AHT in Slovakia and who became the mother of first AHT litter in Slovakia.

This wonderful breed has become my life passion and I know that the American Hairless Terriers will be always a part of my life and my most faithful friend forever. They are the sun in my life! :)

If you would like to know more about American Hairless Terriers or you are interested in a puppy from our future litters, please contact me by email at, by phone +421 (0) 911 82 00 22 or fill out the contact form. I will be happy to help you out with everything! :)

Tímea Cseriová
Mooshka Kennel

25.06.2012 We are awaiting an extraordinary litter from
Kiki & Tim

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25.04.2007 Puppies born from
Ainy & Princ

Všetky šteniatka sú rezervované. / No available puppies.

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